Our Services

Mid-term Solution (CT-MTS)

  • Looking for the best possible container terminals for your shuttle
  • Choosing the best traction suppliers (private and/or state owned) and the most reliable itinerary.
  • Looking for the best wagon equipment and supplier
  • Supporting you in selecting the container type
  • Negotiating for you the cheapest and best contract conditions with all above mentioned suppliers.
  • Preparing the train schedule and terminal slots with all involved suppliers
  • Preparing a professional internal and external process flow together with you and all suppliers, based on your needs.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting 24/7, daily 2 status report.
  • Our staff at EU border crossings, in TR, BG, SRB, HU, RO and AT will handle your train on time 24/7.
  • Back-up solutions for wagons
  • We offer you transparently an all in rate, with a minimum fee for our services per train and direction.
  • Operating your train product for a minimum period of one year.